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The Final Steps Begin August 3, 2011

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I’m sitting in my room at home gazing at the mounds of stuff I have either packed or prepared to pack as I head back to school for my senior year of college. Wow. How did this happen? Where did my summer go with all of my big plans?! My 2 page to-do list is only about half done. I did take my Praxis II which was weighing heavy on me. I’m so glad that’s over (now I can read The Hobbit and some other things before I go back to school and have to study again). I’ve been working on a binder to pass down to the college’s MENC/PCMEA chapter president for next year, so that’s nice. Practicing has been mediocre this summer. I’ve done a lot more than previous summers, but not as much as I (or my teacher) would like, I’m sure. My senior recital is in December, so that’s nerve-racking. I’m excited but very nervous about it. I’ve been working at the pharmacy this summer again. It’s been pretty good down there. I like the job and my co-workers. I wouldn’t want to work in pharmacy forever, but it’s a great gig to have for a while. I’ve been working on campus helping around in the office of the music building preparing for this coming year. It’s exciting. The marching band and jazz ensemble are going to Disney over our fall break, and I’m soooo psyched about it. We were able to go my freshman year as well. 🙂  It’s been very eye-opening to see all of the behind the scenes coordination that goes into a trip like this. Transportation, housing, payment, rosters, seating/rooming assignments, uniforms, and the list goes on and on. I’m so glad I get to see this stuff before it gets thrown on me when I’m a teacher. Now, I’m finishing my last few days of work before going camping at the Venango County Fair. My family is there every year. We have/do show animals there and are in charge of the Barnyard Olympics. Sometimes, I like being from a small, country town. Other times, it’s just plain…interesting. haha. Only a few days after the fair before I move in. (2 weeks from today)

As I mentally prepare for this coming year, I’m thinking about all of the decisions I’m going to have to be making along the way. I’d like to teach, but I have been thinking about music therapy for the past year or so. I’m starting to look into schools either equivalency programs or grad school. If anyone has any suggestions or any further help regarding this, PLEASE let me know. I’ll keep you all posted about my progress this coming school year. Classes this fall, and student teaching in the spring.


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