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What’s This New Fangled Contraption?! March 31, 2011

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We’ve announcing the live blog event of the season!

Drum roll, please! *drldrldrldrldrldrldrldrldrldrldrldt*

Here it is, everyone!!

Live Blog: PMEA 2011

*Cue the happy dance music*

A group of Grove City College students have put together a team to live-blog this annual conference for music educators across the state of Pennsylvania. The team was created by our fearless leader, Andrew Ritenour, and consists of Elizabeth Heist, Emily Farrell, Ryan Dore, and myself. We are all psyched to be a part of this event! Grove City College is making our internet access possible during the conference through the efforts of Dr. Joseph Pisano.

You may be talking to yourself and saying, “Brittany, what does this mean?! What is going on?” Have no fear! I am here to show you the way. Here’s the situation:

If you are anything like me, you want to do it all…and you forget everything unless it is written down. The Live blogging team is here to solve all of your problems…well, the two previously mentioned problems at least. We will each be attending different sessions and will be taking notes online that will be accessible via On this landing page, you will find the conference schedule as well as links to each individual blogger’s site. Here’s mine: Now you can read the notes from the many fantastic sessions that are pitted against each other. You no longer need to wish for the ability to be in multiple places at once!! Although that and teleportation would be great superpowers, in my opinion. This resource also allows you to re-read and review session you attended in case your mind was blown and you missed something.

Here’s the dream team:

Andy Ritenour: on twitter @andrewritenour or at

Elizabeth Heist: on twitter @heistes or at

Emily Farrell: on twitter @emilyfarrell or at

Ryan Dore: on twitter at @britishbuegler, on the (Dorerj15), or at

You can sign up for email reminders or just check back frequently so you don’t miss out on anything!! You can follow me on twitter @brittany_bell or follow the tweets of conference attendees. You can even contribute to the conversation at #pmea11! Get psyched, people. I know I am.


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