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Such a Tease February 23, 2011

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Another week has come and gone. I’ve discovered that my sense of time is all messed up. I thought Valentine’s Day was a couple of weeks ago, but it was only 1 week ago. Oops. How does that happen?! This past weekend was not the most productive one I’ve had, but it held some necessary fun. Slumber parties are never over-rated. And neither is laser tag and cheesecake. Friends and family are the most valuable things (other than God and being true to yourself.) This weather is freaking me out though. At the end of last week, it was 50-60 degrees and sunny. I wore a skirt! Now, it’s freezing again, and there’s an inch or two of snow! Sunday night brought slushie-like weather from the heavens. It was so strange.

We’ve finished set work for GCC’s production of The Brothers Karamazov. It looks incredible. I may have mentioned last time that we were almost done, but I got the official word from the production manager that we’re done. *phew*

Lessons have been moving right along. I can see that I’m making some positive progress on the double bass. I think it is helping my solfeggio skills (which leave something to be desired). My fingertips are starting to get those wonderful calluses. That’s good, right? Voice lessons are also going well. I am working on 4 pieces at the moment: one in French, German, Italian, and English. Preparations for my senior recital is under way. It is incredible that I am that close to graduating.

Writing band drill last week for Secondary Methods was tedious. It wasn’t terrible though. We had to move our band from 3 company fronts to a letter of the alphabet in  32 counts. I wrote it all out and checked my movements with a neat online marching simulator/software: Our next assignment is to find a piece of band literature and write drill for it as an entry, mid-show, or exit piece. I think I’m going to try to chart Beauty and the Beast.

We are preparing to a 15-minute rehearsal for conducting class. We have to choose a piece of choral music, and lead the class. I’m excited about this practical application of conducting techniques. It should be interesting.

Our spring break starts today, so I’m trying to pack the unnecessary things in my dorm room to save some space. I hope to get my paper done. Not only that, I hope to have some good family time. We’ll see how it all turns out.

Excited to see where life takes me, as always.


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